Our company profile


Our company was initially founded in the USA under the name of Papp Racing.
Initially Papp Racing was building and running formula and saloon cars for circuit racing.
In 1995 a unique profile was established to design and build Dakar rally cars. First project being a Chevrolet Blazer which participated in the 96 Dakar Rally
Subsequent design and building of more rally cars for the Dakar followed.

The next major step in the evolution of the company began in 2000 with the establishment of a rally racing team for the US Air Force in cooperation with Ford Racing. During this time design and building of Dakar rally cars for the European market continued, and a parts supply business has also evolved.

Since 2004 the company is operating under the new name of Xsport with a logistical partner SSP France.

2008 marked a new milestone when Xsport signed a 10 year technical agreement with the Russian team G-Force Motorsport and owner/driver Boris Gadasin, to provide the technical support for the team and development of vehicles and engines for the Russian market. To better serve the European market in 2009 we have opened a new racing shop in Budapest Hungary.